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 Welcome to Reading Fairy Swindon!

We bring fun, interactive and progressive classes to 1 to 5 year olds and their parents or carers - helping your child to develop all the skills needed to love reading for life.

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Each session brings Reading Fairy and her character friends to life with original songs, dances & games. Each session ends with a snuggle up with Book Bear and a story to share with grown ups and children alike.
Classes are small with a maximum of 10 children. The classes are active and parent participation is encouraged for maximum learning.
Which class should my child join?
Our classes are progressive and are split into age groups:
·       Toddler Tales (Age 12 months +) - encourages active early language and literacy
·       Story Stars (Age 2-3) - introduces letters and sounds for early reading fun
·       Reading Recruits (Ages 3 and 4) - develops skills for reading to prepare your child for reading at school.  


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