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Freedog Swindon: Clip 'N Climb

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Clip ‘N Climb at Freedog is great family fun! With challenges that are perfect for all abilities. Get ready to explore the verticle world and have an epic adventure that will get hearts pumping and faces grinning!

No matter if you've climbed before or not, you'll be cruising your way up our amazing challenges before your session is over, conquering any fear of heights you thought you had and having an absolute blast in the process.

From a stairway to heaven (complete with a leap of faith from the top) to speed climbs, light up walls, overhanging faces and everything in between - there's loads to do and try, and once you're hooked on climbing, maybe check out our HUGE bouldering centre Flashpoint. 

Freedog Swindon is a family friendly activity centre, with 50 parking spaces and a café serving fresh coffee & yummy pastries. We also have public WiFi, so you can relax & catch up on your emails while your kids have great fun.

For updated information visit https://freedogswindon.com/

Opening Hours

Friday16:00 - 17:30

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