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Confetti Sprinkle Cakes is a small family run business,we design and make desserts such as cakes and macarons for your special events. It’s homemade and sprinkled with our best wishes for your occasion.

Sujata is founder of Confetti Sprinkle Cakes. Making cakes and cupcakes at good prices. My goal is to make everyone's occasion something memorable as a cake is that piece of jigsaw that completes an occasion.

There is a wide range of flavours of cakes to choose from at Confetti Sprinkle Cakes.

As like any other mother the first time I made cake was for my daughter's 8th birthday at the time my daughter loved the movie tangled therefore I decided to make a tangled cake and her reaction when she saw the cake was so lovely as she had a massive smile on her face filled with joy I also got many compliment from people who came to her party so I decided why not make cakes for my family and friends. I love to surprise them with an unique cake which will make their day extra special. One day my friends asked me why don't you start your own cake business and I thought well, why not as making cakes has always been the one thing I have always loved to do........ and here I am founder of Confetti Sprinkle Cakes.

I make cakes, cupcakes and macarons.


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