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I hand make Shamballa Named Bracelets and Keyrings in what ever colour thread you want and your choice of coloured beads along with your choice of a coloured gift bag. 

Choose a gift bag (of your choice) from Pink or Silver or a random one will be sent. 

You could have their name, nickname, fav band, BFF, Nan, Mum, Bestie, Shed (Keyring), Front (Keyring), Back (Keyring), Garage (Keyring), Dads ((keys) or favourite game they play like Roblox, Minecraft, Among Us, Fortnite, Squid Game or YouTuber the list is endless. 

Perfect for birthdays, stocking fillers, party bags, teachers, Halloween etc.

You can order through EBay, Etsy or send me a PM. Look for NickysShamballa. I’m also on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Bracelets are £3.00 each and keyrings are £2.50 each. I will deliver in RWB and you may collect if you wish otherwise £1.50 for P&P. 

Nickys Shamballa  - image 1Nickys Shamballa  - image 2
Nickys Shamballa  - image 1


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