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"Hiya and welcome to my new venture! Nicky’s Little Melts 💜✨ I hand make soy wax melts. I’m CLP complaint. 

I now have Christmas melts which will be one of each scent and there is 5 different scents or you can have 5 of one scent. I’m also doing little Snapbars in your chosen Christmas scent.  5 Christmas melts for £3 and little Snapbars are £2 each. 

My available Christmas scents are:

Nutcracker - Warm and endearing, this roasted nut accord graciously opens with notes of chestnuts, hazelnuts and nutmeg. Incorporation of earthly scents round the aroma off wonderfully. 

White Christmas - Relive the magical aura that surrounds festive season and evokes imagery of dazzling snowflakes caressing the frozen winter grounds. It’s a fresh and dynamic aroma that embodies the spirit of Christmas. 

Yuletide Spice - A scent reminiscent of a cold winter night, with a hot cup of mulled wine. A gentle aroma of sweet berries and wine that you won’t forget. 

Christmas Tree - Get ready for Christmas with the unmistakable scents of fir, cedar and pine. Christmas tress have never smelt so good. 

Christmas Pudding - Prepare yourself for a wonderfully festive treat. Our delectable Christmas Pudding fragrance consists of an aromatic mix of traditional spice and citrus aromas. 

I also sell little heart melts, butterfly melts and little snap bars. They will come in gift bags which you can chose from these colours Pink or Silver. 

20 Little Heart melts are £3

1 Little Snapbar are £1.50 

3 Butterflies for £3 or £1 each 

My scents at the moment are summer based and they smell beautiful.



Rose Garden


Freshly Cut Grass


Snow Fairy

 I will deliver in RWB and you may collect if you wish otherwise £1.50 for P&P. 

Available through my Etsy shop Nicky’s Little Melts or PM to order and follow my FB, TikTok and insta page for updates"

Nicky’s Little Melts - image 1Nicky’s Little Melts - image 2
Nicky’s Little Melts - image 1Nicky’s Little Melts - image 2


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