Spring Clothes Swap




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Spring Clothes Swap at Moredon Community Centre on Sunday, 22 May at 14:30.

Come along to this Spring Clothes Swap event to freshen up those wardrobes and get you ready for spring and summer!

Hosted by Clothes Swap Swindon, fundraising for Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Wiltshire Air Ambulance charities.

How does a Clothes Swap work?
- Dive into your wardrobe and dig out any clothes in good, clean condition, and bring them to the swap.
- Arrive just before the start time, and hand your items over to our staff who will sort them.
- Pay your £5 entry fee; this goes directly to our designated local charity for this event
- When the staff are ready, we will introduce the event and then you are free to browse through the clothes
- Take home as many items as you feel is fair

What will be there?
We have ladies, mens and children's clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. For hygiene reasons we don't accept underwear, socks or swimming costumes.

What if I don't find something I like?
We have sizes 8-38 attend and end up with 1,000+ items each time. There will always be something for you.

Why isn't it swap-for-swap/item for item?
We have so many items come through the doors, if we did swap for swap, we'd have too many items left over at the end! We ask people take for themselves only but to feel free to take as much as they feel is fair - you can always bring the item back to the next Clothes Swap event if it doesn't work out!

Don't people take loads of stuff? Are people grabby or rude?
NEVER. Our seasoned swappers are kind, friendly and polite, and we ask all those attending to be the same. Be considerate of others and you'll go home with armfuls of items, and a smile on your face.

Can I bring my children?
We ask that you don't bring under 14s to the events due to the number of people that can attend

Where do the leftover items go?
All items leftover are donated to our chosen local charity Wiltshire Air Ambulance.


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