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Mad Pete

Party Entertainers, Supplies and Equipment

I have been a professional Children’s Entertainer for over 20 years.

I’m high tempo throughout & make sure the children burn lots of energy & have non-stop fun at my action-packed shows!

Age Range - 3yrs to 103yrs! Birthday Parties, Magic Shows, Weddings, School Shows, Balloon Modelling, Circus Acts, Fetes, Festivals & Adult Close-Up Magic.

My birthday party game philosophy is – All the Kids, All involved, All the time!

I specialize in Magic Shows and Children’s Parties.

I cover the whole of Wiltshire (Wilts.) and travel across it’s borders into South Gloucestershire (Glos.), West Oxfordshire (Oxon), West Berkshire (Berks.), North West Hampshire (Hants.) and North East Somerset. So whether you’re looking for a Children’s Birthday Party Entertainer in Swindon, a School Event in Cirencester or a Wedding Entertainer in Bath – Look no further!

My Complete 2 hour, Stress-Free Children’s Parties go like this –

I arrive dressed as a Clown (Without scary face paint) a good 20 minutes prior to the Party start time. I get my Music playing straight away. That way there’s a Party atmosphere whilst we both finish setting up. Meantime I’m giving out Balloons to the Birthday child, their siblings and any of their friends that arrive early, but they have to ‘work’ for their Balloons .... For I have a hand-held ‘Airzooka’, which can fire invisible, focused shockwaves of air, across a Village hall and Ruffle up a Child’s hair or make their Balloon dance just out of reach. Before you know it, the Hall is buzzing with the Kids, all playing with each other and their Balloons. The room is now full of excited, young Partygoers and this is when I fill the room with hundreds of Bubbles (That get bigger & Bigger), One instruction only – “Pop as many as you can!”

Next I’ll get the Birthday Child to do some Plate spinning to the applause of all the others. Then all their friends have a go too (All this within the space of a 3 minute song) Then I’ll ‘Show Off’. I can balance a spinning Plate upon a long stick, then balance it all upon the end of my nose. But the bit the kids love is when it keeps falling off onto my head (A theme that will run throughout the Party). I then perform some Funny Magic, but I save the bulk of the Magic for the 40 minute Magic Show that follows the lunch break.

A Giant Parachute game follows with the instructions “Don’t let the Poisonous Frogs get you!!!” They’re actually just colourful, beanbag frogs. The kids know this too, but it still results in a lot of fun and loud squealing.

For the next party game I need 4 ‘helpers’. They all want be a helper! I put on the music and the room is full of ‘Swimmers’, ‘Clowns’, ‘Strong People’ and ‘Dancers’. This has a funny ending with the helpers (Yes, the Birthday child will be one) posing through my ‘Seaside Cut-outs’ (which you put your face through and there’s a picture on the other side) Then I make some Balloon Animals (Dog, Rabbit, Teddy Bear and a Very Silly Hat) “Who wants the Bunny?” Every hand goes up. “O.K. Best Bouncing Bunny wins it!” On goes a jaunty tune and the room is full of Bouncing Bunnies, Barking Dogs, etc.

Then the kids break to have their Party food (Over to you Mum) But I don’t take a break. Whilst they’re all eating (Usually about 20 mins) I’m busy making a Balloon Sword for EVERY child at that Party (Plus a few spare) which they get at the end of the party. Then after they have all eaten and the candles on the Birthday Cake have been blown out – It’s straight into the Magic Show.

My Magic Show:

My Magic Shows are all based on ‘Wind Up’. Tricks are going wrong, props are breaking and I’m falling on my arse a lot (Sorry, I meant to say ‘Backside’) It’s fast paced throughout, but I have the attention (& control) of All the children,All the time, throughout the whole of the Party/Magic Show. At times it will get noisy, so I also communicate with my own style of sign language. For half of my Magic I need a ‘Magic Helper’. 99 times out of a 100, that will be the Birthday Child. Even the shyest of children feel impelled to help me.

Towards the end of the Magic Show I introduce the Kids to ‘Rocky the Raccoon’. He’s not real, but the audience will think he is. Then Rocky whispers into my ear that he’s hungry. “Who wants feed Rocky?” Every child does! I then go round all the kids, pretending to put some food in their outstretched hands, which Rocky quickly ‘kersnuffles’ up. They all squeal with delight. Then Rocky tells me that he wants to finish the Magic Show in his own special way. What he does next will crack up the kids, bring laughter to the Parents who are there....And will involve the Birthday Child’s Dad! (If he’s there)It’s Very Funny!!! (We’ve been on T.V. with this sketch)

Now after Winding Up the kid’s, non-stop for the last 2 hours (Even whilst they were eating) I turn up the music to 11 and give out all the Balloon Swords to The Kaiser Chiefs ‘I predict a riot’. Can you picture this? They’re all going Mental! Then in the middle of this mayhem, I call over the Dad to the middle of the room. He’s heard me say ‘It’s the end of the Party’ and thinks I probably want paying now or something. But when he gets to me, I don’t say a word to him, but just place a spare balloon Sword in his hand, turn away, briefly turn off the music and make one last announcement – “Boys and Girls, the Birthday child’s Dad has got a Sword - GET HIM !”

There’s a 2 second delay, then one child will move towards him.... followed by the pack! I let him ‘suffer’ their onslaught until the end of the record. Then I come to his aid by shouting out “Who wants a Party Bag?” Then all the kids break off to get their Party Bags. Now with a Balloon Sword in one hand and a Party bag in the other (With the Music now playing some more mellow beats) their parents can now try to extract their very excited children from the event.....


Basically if you get me on board, all you have to do is:

(If you are not having it at home) Find a hall and book it for 3 hours (This includes time to set up and pack away) Invite the guests (The More the Merrier!) On the day – Decorate prior, feed the kids (About an hour into the Party) and provide the Birthday Cake and Party Bags.

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